Pre-Authorization Payment Conditions

Participation in Vineland Municipal Utilities Preauthorized Payment Plan is subject to the following conditions: Vineland Municipal Utilities shall accept utility payments electronically through the ACH network subject to the conditions, terms, and procedures as established by the Preauthorized payment plan. All completed forms for participation in the Preauthorized Payment Plan must be signed by the customer (s) and maintained on file in the Customer Service Division for the life of the customer’s participation in the program in accordance with Federal Regulations.

ACH drafts from utility customers accounts shall occur on the due date which is 15 days after the bill date (or first banking business day immediately thereafter in the case of weekend days or holidays). Each month the utility customer will have 15 days to review their account (s) for billing accuracy. Enrollment in the plan will be effective once the bill (s) received by the utility customer state the appropriate do not pay ACH message.

It shall be the customer’s responsibility to notify Vineland Municipal Utilities with any Preauthorized Payment Plan changes such as the changing of banks, bank accounts, or utility account information. The customer will be required to fill out a new Preauthorized Payment Plan form with the new changes. Any failure of the customer to notify Vineland Municipal Utilities of changes in account information may result in the customer’s termination from the Preauthorized Payment Plan. Any NSF fees, additional charges, or penalties, resulting from customer’s failure to notify Vineland Municipal Utilities of the change in account shall be the customer’s responsibility.

Disputed bill amounts shall be addressed according to Vineland Municipal Utilities policy and procedures established to resolve disputed bills. In the absence of a disputed bill policy or procedure, the Vineland Municipal Utilities Director shall determine the appropriate resolution. Regardless of the resolution method employed for a disputed bill, no monetary refund shall be made for a disputed bill amount when payment is made via ACH payment alternative. ACH payments shall occur in accordance with the terms in this policy. Upon resolution of any disputed bill amount, the adjustment will be reflected on a future utility bill. Credits to a utility account will not result in a deposit of funds in a customer’s bank account.

All penalty, shut-off, and NSF fees shall apply to ACH customers in accordance with the respective policy and procedure.

Final bills shall be sent to the customer for payment. Utility customers must personally make final bill payments. ACH payments will not be made for final bills.

The pre-authorized payment plan is open to customers who have a good payment history.

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