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Deployed Military Discount

The Deployed Military Member Utility Services Discount Program provides a 5% reduction on both electric and water services to all military members who are currently deployed outside the United States and its territories. To qualify, the military member must reside in the City of Vineland and have a utility account in their name with the Vineland Municipal Utilities.

Once an application is approved, the discount will be reflected in the following month’s bill. Terms and conditions apply which are outlined below. You will be notified if your application is denied.


• The military member discount shall be for an initial period of not more than 60 days. The Utilities Reduction may continue thereafter on a monthly basis provided the military member or immediate family member with whom he/she resides, executes a certification of continued Deployment for each month thereafter until the military member returns from Deployment.

• A 5% reduction shall be for electric and water services only.

• Discount will be reflected at the military member’s primary residence only.

• Should there be more than one deployed military member residing at the same primary residence, the reduction shall not be cumulative.

• Utility account must be in military member’s name.

Required Documents

1. Military member must provide a copy of written military orders confirming their deployment outside of the US and its territories for a period in excess of 30 days.

2. Military member must be a City of Vineland resident. (Proof of residency is required)

3. Military member must have a utility account in his/her name. (Copy of utility bill)

Collection Policy for Military Discount Member

1. The Utilities Reduction shall discontinue in the event the electric or water billing payment is more than 30 days delinquent and no repayment agreement has been reached between the Director of the Vineland Municipal Utilities and the military personnel or his/her immediate family member with whom he/she reside.

2. In the event unpaid utility bills incurred during Deployment are not paid within one year, then all collection practices shall be reinstated including interest charge on the unpaid utility bills.
Thank You For Your Service To Our Country!

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