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Net Metering

Net Metering may be available to all residential and small commercial customers with renewable distributed generation. VMEU recognizes that distributed generation must be integrated into its distribution system without impacting the quality of service to all customers. Because Vineland has a relatively large amount of renewable distributed generation, VMEU has areas of high renewable injection, and thus are unable to support installation of new renewable generation in excess of 5 kWAC, if at all.

VMEU will implement decoupled electric tariffs to more accurately reflect the cost of building and maintaining the electric system in comparison to the cost of generation and distribution of electric energy. As decoupled rates are phased in, VMEU will continue to advise all customers. Net metered customers must sign a Service Agreement as a part of the application process. Other documents may be required for interconnection of non-net metered DG equipment. VMEU reserves the right to modify or eliminate existing tariffs as needed. Customer agrees to waive all rights to recover monies due to metering inaccuracies caused by allowing a conventional meter to spin in the “wrong” (reverse) direction.

For sizing requests and inquiries regarding renewable energy interconnections, please read and complete the linked Standards and Application document below and email to We will respond as soon as possible.

Generator Interconnect Requirements
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